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We do business in so-called offshore countries. We bring culture, education, seriousness and professionalism, helping Foundations all over the world. Art, wealth, industry and business are our research and development sectors.

Our Services

Our Services
Art & 

We have access to the art market because we are part of it. We recommend auction houses, museums, art collectors, sponsor and patrons.


The industrial heritage, heritage, wealth and well-being of our customers are our mission.

Industry &

We take care of industry, innovation and design from our point of view: banks, insurance, loan, MT, BG, MTN etc.

Bank & Fin. institutions

We assist our clients in setting up, buying or selling banks and financial institutions worldwide.

Network Solutions

We are members of an international network with 20 years of worldwide presence.

Support Consulting

We have an international consulting boutique as a partner, with 30 years of presence in global markets.

TRUST DH for our clients can

establish, purchase or sell banking institutions in offshore countries

Bank offshore


Ready to find out more?

Write to us at or use the very simple format we have on the website, and we will send you our first analysis completely free.

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