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Wealth consulting

Our mission is to serve as our client's Personal CFO and most trusted advisor.


Our advisors draw upon the broad expertise and talent within our firm and across our alliance partners, to address complex financial challenges that accompany affluence. Serving as your CFO, we help you set and implement clear goals aligned with your needs, values and objectives.

As an accomplished family or individual, you know that affluence not only opens doors to opportunity but ushers in greater complexity. The more wealth you accumulate, the more difficult it becomes to make clear, confident financial decisions that consider and weigh the impact across your personal, family, business and philanthropic assets and goals.

In a crowded world of financial services, it is difficult to differentiate one financial advisor over another. Many promise better returns on investment or are biased towards certain products or strategies. We believe that financial products and services have been commoditised, so it’s not easy to determine the real value an advisor may provide.  We start with the assumption that new potential clients are already working with the top advisors in our field and are receiving good to great advice and service. So, if that were the case, then what would make someone want to hire us over their existing advisors?

The answer is simple. After a comprehensive diagnosis of a family’s financial situation, many times, we find holes in their business plan. The holistic nature of our services allows us to help identify problems that exist but aren’t readily transparent. For someone who has the comfort of knowing they will likely never run out of money, frequently the question becomes: What’s important to them about their wealth and the legacy they want to leave behind? It takes a trusted relationship and great skill to discover the real goals an individual may have regarding what’s truly important to them about money. Often we find ourselves asking many questions that their financial advisors have never asked a client. We spend countless hours working with our clients to help them determine their goals and implementing strategies to address them.

We serve as your CFO. Just as a business employs a CFO to coordinate the many aspects of an organisation’s finances, our specialises in developing coordinated strategies and customised, tax-efficient strategies for financially successful individuals and families. As your CFO, we seek to bring best-in-class resources and capabilities across financial, tax, legal, and insurance considerations to address your complex business needs.


We collaboratively coordinate strategies with your other professional advisors to help ensure seamless coordination that places your interests first in these and other areas:

Financial Planning
Retirement Income Planning
Investment management
Education Planning 
Tax Strategies
Insurance Planning
Estate & Legacy Planning
Philanthropic/Charitable Giving
Trust Services
Executive Compensation Planning
Business Succession Planning

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