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Industry & Innovation

Whether it's designing a business succession strategy or coordinating a prudent employee benefits program, we can help you pursue your objectives.

We can help you plan and implement a succession plan designed with the goal of helping protect you, your family and the company you've worked so hard to build.

If you are a benefits director, our firm can serve as an extension of your benefits department, providing access to consulting, design, implementation and program servicing resources.

We bring a depth of experience in creating executive benefits programs, including group carve-out, deferred compensation, 401(k) mirror programs, etc. If you are concerned about providing a competitive employee benefits package, we can help design programs for small businesses that are used by many of the Fortune 100 companies. Our goal is to help you recruit and retain your employees as well as provide assistance in servicing your benefits department.

Learn more about our corporate services:

Executive Benefits
Employee Benefits
Corporate Retirement Plans

We take care of industry, innovation and design from our point of view: banks, insurance companies, loans, bank guarantees, medium-term notes, letters of credit, standby letters of credit, etc.

We help an industrial company to stay in the market, supporting new initiatives and developing the R&D sector.

Patents, start-ups, product development and for innovative projects, thanks to our partners, we help our customers. As with all our services, our point of view is to use finance to support industrial development and even before innovation. Without innovation, there is no development for an industrial company.

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